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Using rare and precious materials, Toffini creates very high quality Kitchens with a distinct, innovative and highly functional Design.                                                                                             
We combine industrial technology with the experience of traditional craftsmen to whom we entrust both the finishing of our kitchens and the customization requested by our clients so that each kitchen is unique and reflects the character of those who will use it.
The Toffini brand represents the challenge of “Made in Italy” in today’s new economy. The Italian furniture industry will play a competitive role in the international market only if it continues to do what Italy has always been known for but what modern industrial logic has attempted to suppress; that is, the creation of high-quality products with a timeless design.                                                 

Most companies today have been forced by competition to use materials such as chipboard but our mission is to recover the vast experience of the Italian industry which in the past manufactured quality furniture.
Toffini is dedicated to rediscovering the strength and durability of cabinets made in solid wood in its new technological version: the blockboard panel covered with HPL laminate, highly stable and reliable.
Toffini also rediscovers the natural wood essences which are still used in Italy today mainly by traditional artisans who have a great passion for wood.       
With the same passion, kitchen after kitchen, we reconstruct those wood grains designed by nature in different parts of the world, thus giving the clients who choose Toffini that special emotion of an authentic wood framed in a modern and functional design.  
A product of high quality and design must be able to prove its value over time.

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